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  • SH Staff Blog: Family

    December 10, 2016

    This week we hear from our Kids Director Jenny Erickson… Family [fam-uh-lee, fam-lee] Defined as a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not. Let’s break this definition down and focus on “consisting of parents and their children.” Every family is unique.  Some have multiple […]

  • SH Staff Blog: So, it’s Christmas time – Again…

    December 5, 2016

    This week we hear from Jared Heddens… It’s the Christmas season. Basically everybody is shifting into that familiar place of two positions: YES!, YES!, YES!, and the rest of us. I have to admit I generally fall into the second category. I love the fact that we get to spend a part of the year […]

  • SH Staff Blog: Toilets and Spaceships

    November 18, 2016

    This week we hear from Sheldon and Kristy Bowling…   When South Harbor launched we were a small church compared to what we are now.  Our mission statement is “Helping people find their way back to God”. This was communicated to the congregation every week, whether it was said through the sermon or a reminder […]

  • SH Staff Blog: When the Church doesn’t look like a church

    November 4, 2016

    This week we hear from Aaron Westhouse… When I was younger a mentor asked me a very important question. We were sitting in a boat fishing, talking about a variety of topics, as one does while fishing. We came to the topic of the Church, and I was asked a question that has been with […]

  • SH Staff Blog: Jumping Right In

    October 31, 2016

    This week we hear from Jared Heddens…   Most people seem to have a pretty regular pattern when they start attending a new church. Once they’ve decided to stay, they will typically spend 6 months to a year getting settled in. This is time, often very well spent, learning the values of the church, where […]

  • SH Staff Blog: Let the Children Come

    October 21, 2016

    This week we hear from Danielle Meeuwsen…   When I was asked to highlight one volunteer from our Kids program at South Harbor I thought,  “There is no way I can choose only one!” We have so many rock star volunteers, and they are all rock stars for different reasons.  Suddenly, I knew Star Sherwood […]

  • SH Staff Blog: The Gift of Inconvenience

    October 19, 2016

    This week we hear from Kate Jonkman…   Loving others is inconvenient.  Accepting others is inconvenient.  Serving others is inconvenient.  When you invest into a community in these ways, life gets a little more inconvenient because it’s no longer about just you.  It’s about acting and responding in a way that honors God, which is […]

  • SH Staff Blog: Crisis Response

    October 7, 2016

    This week we hear from Kristen Bazuin…   How should we the church deal with crisis? That seems like a question that needs a huge answer.  But looking back over my life and the challenges I have faced, and listening to others I have come to the conclusion that the answer is very simple. There […]

  • SH Staff Blog: Coming Back From the Beach

    August 20, 2016

    This week we hear from Jared Heddens…   Last week Rachel shared some great thoughts around the concept of baptism. I really appreciate her thoughts around the act of baptism as a visible symbol of the incredible gift God gives us thru Jesus. Then last Sunday we did it. Honestly the One Church Baptism is […]

  • SH Staff Blog: Visible Grace

    August 12, 2016

    this week we hear from Rachel Reinink…   It’s been said that baptism, a sacrament, is a visible sign of invisible grace. I never really understood the full depth of that meaning until a few years ago… and I remember it like it was yesterday. The water was colder than I expected. The first few […]