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Created for Community

December 27, 2017

Sit at all the tables,

‘cause Jesus eats with everyone.

-Nichole Nordeman, Dear Me

Inside all of us is a 12-year-old trying to figure out which table to sit at in the middle school lunchroom.  We were designed to desire connection.  We long to belong. We were created for community.  At the heart of every single person is the desire to be accepted, to be loved, to belong.

Most of Jesus’ earthly ministry was oriented around just that: creating a new community that would transcend the barriers that have typically determined who belongs at the table and who doesn’t. With Jesus, everyone who wants to can be part of the family.  Jesus eats with everyone, and he invites us to follow his lead.

It’s no accident that one of the last images that the Bible gives us of heaven is a giant table where every nation, tribe, people, and language are gathered together in the name of Jesus (Revelation 7:9).  Because we were CREATED FOR COMMUNITY … so, of course, that’s what heaven will look like!

But, what if I told you that we don’t have to wait for heaven to start experiencing it? Join us during the month of January for our Created for Community sermon series.